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In comparison with other industries, the short-term rental industry is highly fragmented, inefficient, and lags in the application of technology to drive productivity and enhance the client experience.

Primestone Partners is actively developing new solutions that more efficiently connect the supply and demand sides of the corporate housing ecosystem. The acquisition of Zenya, a leading developer of guest and property management software for the short-term rental and hospitality sectors, was the first phase in this process.




Unit Inventory

17 Million+

Automated Transactions


in Total Cost Savings


Zenya’s integrated technology facilitates many aspects of property management, quoting, booking, fulfillment, finance and guest communications. Its proven technology has already been used to book more than 1 million guest reservations and is helping leading corporate rental and hospitality providers scale efficiently. Primestone Partners is investing resources and capital in Zenya to grow its business and to accelerate product development that will benefit current and prospective clients.

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Our longer- term strategy is to leverage Zenya’s technology to develop marketplace solutions that more efficiently connect the supply and demand sides of the corporate housing ecosystem, including corporate housing clients, property managers and owners, and the many types of vendors that support the industry.

To guide this effort, Primestone has created a Technology Advisor Board, headed by technology strategist Jordan Brown, the founder of MarketWatch Advisors, a leading financial technology practice.

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