Corporate Housing

Incubator Business

Primestone’s incubator business invests in early-stage startups in Proptech, Fintech, financial services, and real estate-related solutions.


Primestone provides seed capital, corporate services and administrative support, mentors the founders, validates their business and product ideas, critiques their business plan, advises on the development of their minimum viable product, provides introductions to potential partners and customers, assists with the development and execution of their go-to-market plan, and guides their capital raising efforts.

Temporary Furnished Housing

In 2020, just prior to the onset of COVID, Primestone launched a corporate housing startup. Despite the challenging business conditions that prevailed during that period, the business enjoyed exponential growth, signing 125 corporate clients with guests in 35+ countries while leveraging a network of 245,000 furnished apartments. Annual revenues exceeded $20 million by the time Primestone accepted an offer to sell the business in December 2023 to Synergy, the global leader in corporate housing.



Primestone invested in software startups that developed state-of the-art, cloud-based technology to transform the origination, processing, servicing and trading of residential mortgage assets to enhance consumer experience and eliminate the operational and regulatory friction points for lenders, servicers, traders and investors.

Corporate Housing

Primestone also invested in tech-enabled Business Process Outsourcing solutions as well as ventures supporting the acquisition, securitization and asset management of real estate and lending related products and services.

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