Project management is one of our strengths at Primestone. It’s what has enabled us to standup and operate successful mortgage, fintech and real estate businesses in the past.

And it is an advantage that we share with clients, ranging from start-ups and mortgage companies to real estate and resort developers.

We have the experience or are one step away from finding the right person to solve tech, operations, finance and management challenges.

For example, we can provide a thorough, in-depth review of your IT environment that aligns with industry best practices and ensures your business requirements are met.

Our guidance can also ensure that your organization adheres to any necessary technology compliance requirements.

Our Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Service can help you devise and /or document a plan designed to keep your critical systems and processes running.

Similarly, we can advise on cloud deployment and manage your company’s transition to the cloud: lowering costs, shortening time-to-market, reducing IT resource requirements and improving productivity.

Primestone’s strengths as a project manager and our relationships in the financial and the hospitality communities can often kick-start (or in some cases restart) large real estate development projects.

In these situations, we are able to bring together project management, project finance, contract management, hospitality partnerships and participation and more.